Diplomatic Security Driver Services

Suburban Airport

Security Driver Services

Security Drivers, are trained to safely and efficiently transport corporate executives, dignitaries, politicians, Ambassadors, celebrities, and others deemed at risk while performing duties such as:

  • Masters vehicle dynamics, defensive and escape and evasion driving skills in a scored and evaluated training program; re-trains and re-certifies every two years.
  • Advances routes to be followed and alternates. Performs and documents route surveys, identifying safe havens and emergency resources, choke points, danger zones, and zones of total predictability.
  • Learns and practices surveillance detection and pre-attack recognition and avoidance skills.
    Responds to medical emergencies occurring to passengers en route.
  • Drives during irregular hours in daylight and nighttime hours; stays overnight on extended trips.
  • Interacts effectively with corporate travel, security and executive protection personnel and managers.
  • Works in conjunction with Embassy Security, The Secret Service, or local police forces.
  • VIP Airport Service for private and diplomatic planes
One local Houston company that offers Diplomatic, Executive, and Celebrity Private car and Limousine service is:  Aim Limo Private Car Service
Aim Limo Private Car Service

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